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Texas Part 2

Because the Texas border with Mexico is so immense, it is a major target of these criminal gangs. This Texas border with Mexico is over 1,200 miles long.

This is not some haphazard effort of small groups of foreign innocents struggling northward. The influx is massive and a major portion of it is drug smugglers, slave smugglers, sex slave smugglers, and criminal gangs.

Nearly all of the trains moving north from the interior of Mexico are covered in young males soon to illegally enter the United States.

This is not an exaggeration. The trains reaching the Texas border are filled with individuals from deep within Mexico and points south including gang members from El Salvador.

The threat posed by these people increases the closer they get to the U.S. border.

If fact, the threat to Americans is so great that U.S. railways such as the Union Pacific want to have their trains transiting into the United States from Mexico inspected by foreign nationals inside Mexico instead of by Americans.

Paul Thompson, the United Transportation Union (railway workers) international president, has gone on record objecting to the plan.

It is too dangerous for Americans to set foot in Nuevo Laredo, Thompson said. Union Pacific says with a straight face that mechanical safety inspections of trains can be performed safely in Mexico, but even its own officials won’t travel there. Nor will FRA officials even visit the facility where these inspections allegedly will be performed by who knows whom, under unknown conditions, and with no U.S. federal safety oversight.

While it seems that many Americans are terrified at the thought of stepping across our southern border, some American politicians want the border gone:

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