Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

Texas Part 3

As stated earlier, the gangs coming across the border are often agents or soldiers of the Mexican drug cartels. These Mexican cartels are now teamed with the Muslim drug lords of Afghanistan and the violence — especially the varieties of extreme violence are expanding.

While the citizens of Texas suffer at the hands of illegal aliens, some plan the abolition of our borders. Compare the drug cartel map below with the well-funded plan of these people.

Texas cartel smuggling routes

Train loads of illegals come across the border at the railheads of Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville, Texas.

The problems along the more westerly areas of the Texas /Mexico border are not any better.

The Mexican side of the El Paso / Juarez area is home to automobile manufacturing plants and the products of these plants then are transported by train into the United States for sale in American car dealerships. The vehicles so transported are often vandalized, stripped, or used as cushioned transport by illegals. When used in this way the interiors of the cars are often used as toilets. This criminality occurs as the rail cars are slowly moving along the border.

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