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Texas Part 4

The Laredo, Texas, and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, areas are the most violent area along the entire U.S. / Mexico border. Several Mexican drug cartels are fighting for turf and power along this part of the border and its long finger into America which the cartels call The Plaza.

As with the rest of the U.S. / Mexico border, various gangs and cartels control vast segments of the border itself. Should you wish to smuggle illegal aliens, slaves or sex slaves or especially drugs into the United States then you must pay a tribute to the gang or cartel on the ground in that area.

Since illegal aliens murder more people inside the United States each year than we have lost in Afghanistan and Iraq in five years of war, one has to wonder why the border is not protected. Yes, Al-Qaeda killed four aircraft full of Americans but illegal aliens murder more than three times that many people inside the U.S. each and every year and nothing is done to stop them.

To enforce their will upon the unwilling the cartels use a hired army called Zetas. The Zetas were originally Mexican Army deserters. Today they are made up of Mexican Special Forces, Mexican Federal, State and local police and even Mexican civilian assassins and torturers. Guatemalan armies are also now operating in northern Mexico and inside Texas.

Last year the violence of Mexico took a bad turn when beheadings became the fashion. Human heads started washing up on the beaches of Acapulco, the streets of Tijuana, and the dance floors of popular nightclubs (five heads scattered across the dance floor of a bar on September 6, 2006, in Michoacan).

Other methods of killing and torture include a favorite of Muslims of Somalia which in Mexico is called guisoe. The subject is placed in a 55 gallon drum and then drenched with gasoline and set on fire. Other popular methods today include placing a burning tire about the victims neck and letting his head slowly burn off.

These gangs are in charge below the border. When Nuevo Laredo elected a new police chief — Alejandro Dominguez — he was dead before sundown on the day of his swearing in ceremony.

The United States is now nearly in a Death Spiral of political correctness. Because the unbridled violence is cause by a minority it is nearly impossible to discuss this barbarity without being labeled a racist by the media.

Thanks to the lack of public support of the Border Patrol, violence against USBP Agents doubled in one year.

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