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Texas Part 5

While all of this is distressing, it does get worse. There have been more than 50 kidnappings of Americans along the Texas / Mexico border in the last two years. Some of the Americans have been released.

The invasions of Texas by the Mexican Army are frequent and violent. Further, the Mexicans in military uniforms — or not — show absolutely no respect for women or children.

The U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, Anthony Garza, has sent multiple Diplomatic Notes to the Government of Mexico.

Ambassador Garza has stated: Violence in the U.S. / Mexico border region continues to threaten our very way of life … Drug cartels, aided by corrupt officials, reign unchecked in many (Mexican) towns along our border.

The greatest threat to U.S. — and Texas — sovereignty is the proposed NAFTA superhighway soon to bring most of Mexico’s nationals — and hundreds of thousands of gang members from as far south as Brazil — through the heart of America.

The Last Word must be reserved for a Texas University Professor who explains to Texans the state’s collective future:

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