Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

Tijuana Part 11

America’s drug laws are capricious and entrepreneurs who once specialized in cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana now transport undocumented immigrants instead. The diversity of the peoples leaving Tijuana for the north is astounding. The rich cultures of Iran, Iraq, Algeria, Afghanistan and even Chechnya all blend in Tijuana and become one with their guide who leads them to America.

Yes, The Cartel, with all that implies, is now running the people smuggling business and undocumenteds are assisted by real professionals in their crossing of the border.

The cost for a Mexican to be led across the Tijuana area frontier is about $2,000. The cost for someone from Iran or Afghanistan can be well over $20,000.

To make matters worse, militant Islam is now flooding Mexico and even gaining substantial numbers of converts. The interlinking of these Muslim cells is called the Jihadi Spider Web. Most of these cells operating in Mexico link directly to cells in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Another way one can measure the level of cooperation between the drug lords of Afghanistan and the drug cartels of Mexico is in the new sport of beheading. Human heads are washing up on the beaches of Acapulco. They are being plopped on the dance floors of popular nightclubs. They are even rolling down the streets of Tijuana.

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