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Tijuana Part 8

The just deceased editor of the Tijuana weekly paper Zeta, Jesús Blancornelas, who was a close observer of the drug trafficking groups and who actually survived being perforated by their lead laden antipathy toward him (see above) said an Arellano Félix sister, Enedina, has taken over the day-to-day administration of The Cartel.

Not everyone at Zeta survives such encounters. Hector Felix Miranda, co-founder of the Zeta newspaper, was murdered by two Cartel gunmen.

But there’s more.

Francisco Ortiz Franco, another editor of Zeta, departed our world while sitting in his car with his children (8, and 10) at his side when eager two youths wearing masks put four bullets into his face. While the children were unharmed they won’t forget dead daddy for a long, long while. The murder occurred on a busy Tijuana street and only a block from Baja California State Police offices.

Speaking about the violence and murder in Tijuana, Governor of Baja California Eugenio Elorduy Walther said: We consider this a challenge to authority, but also a challenge to Baja California society.

Baja California Assistant Attorney General Rogelio Delgado Neri downplayed all such scurrilous comments as being scurrilous comments. Sr. Delgado even put the total murder rate in Tijuana at only 261 a year.

But Sr. Delgado was then, and almost immediately, blasted into the land of immortality while sitting at a local popular Tijuana bar. The many nearby Gringo-tourists must have loved those few minutes of real life adventure.

Remember, Tijuana is: … a place for adventure! Tijuana today can be one of the most exciting cities on earth if you know where to look. Yes, just follow the wafts of cordite smoke and the slippery trails of blood.

ZETAS is a real professional murder for hire outfit and has over a hundred murders to its credit and scores of kidnappings.

The local Tijuana editor Dead Daddy Francisco Ortiz must have been one of ZETAS first local targets. The Arellano Felix’s Cartel gunmen usually just spray bullets everywhere — even killing their own men in the process. Ortiz was shot in the face four times from close range and the gunmen purposely avoided killing the children a few feet away.

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