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USBP Laws Part 13

(iii) The following immigration officers who have successfully completed basic immigration law enforcement training are hereby authorized and designated to exercise the power conferred by section 287(a) of the Act to use deadly force should circumstances warrant it:

(A) Border patrol agents, including aircraft pilots-

(B) Special agents-

(C) Deportation officers-

(D) Detention enforcement officers-

(E) Immigration inspectors-

(F) Immigration examiners when in the uniform of an immigration inspector and performing inspections or supervising other immigration inspectors performing inspections-

(G) Supervisory and managerial personnel who are responsible for supervising the activities of those officers listed above- and

(H) Immigration officers who need the authority to use deadly force under section 287(a) of the Act in order to effectively accomplish their individual missions and who are designated, individually or as a class, by the Commissioner with the approval of the Deputy Attorney General.

(b) Interrogation and detention not amounting to arrest.

(1) Interrogation is questioning designed to elicit specific information. An immigration officer, like any other person, has the right to ask questions of anyone as long as the immigration officer does not restrain the freedom of an individual, not under arrest, to walk away.

(2) If the immigration officer has a reasonable suspicion, based on specific articulable facts, that the person being questioned is, or is attempting to be, engaged in an offense against the United States or is an alien illegally in the United States, the immigration officer may briefly detain the person for questioning.

(3) Information obtained from this questioning may provide the basis for a subsequent arrest, which must be effected only by a designated immigration officer, as listed in ยง 287.5(c). The conduct of arrests is specified in paragraph (c) of this section.

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