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USBP Laws Part 3

Sec. 287.3 Disposition of cases of aliens arrested without warrant. (Section revised effective 4/1/97- 62 FR 10312)

(a) Examination. An alien arrested without a warrant of arrest under the authority contained in section 287(a)(2) of the Act will be examined by an officer other than the arresting officer. If no other qualified officer is readily available and the taking of the alien before another officer would entail unnecessary delay, the arresting officer, if the conduct of such examination is a part of the duties assigned to him or her, may examine the alien.

(b) Determination of proceedings. If the examining officer is satisfied that there is prima facie evidence that the arrested alien was entering, attempting to enter, or is present in the United States in violation of the immigration laws, the examining officer will refer the case to an immigration judge for further inquiry in accordance with 8 CFR parts 235, 239, or 240, order the alien removed as provided for in section 235(b)(1) of the Act and § 235.3(b) of this chapter, or take whatever other action may be appropriate or required under the laws or regulations applicable to the particular case.

(c) Notifications and information. Except in the case of an alien subject to the expedited removal provisions of section 235(b)(1)(A) of the Act, an alien arrested without warrant and placed in formal proceedings under section 238 or 240 of the Act will be advised of the reasons for his or her arrest and the right to be represented at no expense to the Government. The examining officer will provide the alien with a list of the available free legal services provided by organizations and attorneys qualified under 8 CFR part 3 and organizations recognized under § 292.2 of this chapter that are located in the district where the hearing will be held. The examining officer shall note on Form I-862 that such a list was provided to the alien. The officer will also advise the alien that any statement made may be used against him or her in a subsequent proceeding.

(d) Custody procedures. Unless voluntary departure has been granted pursuant to subpart C of 8 CFR part 240, a determination will be made within 24 hours of the arrest whether the alien will be continued in custody or released on bond or recognizance and whether a notice to appear and warrant of arrest as prescribed in 8 CFR parts 236 and 239 will be issued.

Sec. 287.4 Subpoena.

(a) Who may issue --

(1) Criminal or civil investigations. All District Directors, Deputy District Directors, Chief Patrol Agents, Deputy Chief Patrol Agents, Assistant Chief Patrol Agents, Officers-in-Charge, Patrol Agents in Charge, Assistant District Directors, Investigations, Supervisory Criminal Investigators (Anti-Smuggling), Regional Directors, Office of Professional Responsibility, Service Center Directors, and Assistant District Directors for Examinations, may issue a subpoena requiring the production of records and evidence for use in criminal or civil investigations. (Revised 12/13/95- 60 FR 56936)

(2) Proceedings other than naturalization proceedings --

(i) Prior to commencement of proceedings. All District Directors, Deputy District Directors, Chief Patrol Agents, Deputy Chief Patrol Agents, and Officers-in-Charge, may issue a subpoena requiring the attendance of witnesses or the production of documentary evidence, or both, for use in any proceeding under this chapter, other than under Part 335 of this Chapter, or any application made ancillary to the proceeding.

(ii) Subsequent to commencement of any proceeding.

(A) In any proceeding under this chapter, other than under Part 335 of this chapter, and in any proceeding ancillary thereto, an immigration judge having jurisdiction over the matter may, upon his/her own volition or upon application of a trial attorney, the alien, or other party affected, issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of witnesses or for the production of books, papers and other documentary evidence, or both.

(B) Application for subpoena. A party applying for a subpoena shall be required, as a

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