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Our Department of Homeland Security takes pride in saying that thousands of people have not been victims of terror in the USA since 9/11. The problem for them, and for us is … that it is just not true.

Since 9/11, America’s civilian terror toll has increased by over 12 deaths a day.

Our cumulative civilian terror toll since 9/11 is over 25,000 American citizens. That body count is the cumulative death toll inside this country at the hands of illegal aliens. Yes, America’s civilian terror toll within the borders of the United States increases at a rate of more than 12 dead Americans a day.

It is a real surprise for most Americans until they do the math. Twelve dead a day, times 365 days, times all the years since 9/11.

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As of today, illegal aliens have murdered more than persons inside the USA in alone.

They have killed or murdered more than persons inside the USA since 9/11.

The death toll of 25 a day just counts the Americans our sophisticated emergency rooms couldn’t save. While Los Angeles may be center of gravity for Hispanic violence, the violence has spread across our land and even to small town America. For example in McHenry County, Illinois (population 250,000) there is Mr. Jose Luis Rojas who pulled a 12-year-old crippled girl out of her wheelchair and raped her. His final comments to the judge included an effort to trade deportation for prison: If I could just … go back to my mother and family again. I won’t do this again; and I will never come to this country again. The judge could only give him 28 years.

Moving millions of illegal aliens across our southern border each year takes planning. People do not just wake up one day and decide to march north. There is an entire sophisticated infrastructure in Mexico that supports the invasion. Food and accomodations and even transport all require planning. Along some parts of the Mexican border even Mexican school buses are used — off hours of course — to transport the illegals directly to the border. Further, the Mexican government is complicit in this process. Any interference in drug or illegal alien trafficking over our border is not taken lightly and sometimes we have what to any isolated American border town sheriff or Border Patrol Agent could be construed as a written threat. In the present case the driver of a smuggling van loaded with illegal aliens tried to run over a deputy sheriff and he fired at the driver.

There is only one group capable of such a level of organization and control in Mexico: The Mexican drug cartels. Thus, it should be no surprise to discover that the drug cartels control most of the Mexico’s illegal alien trafficking as well as Mexico’s drug trafficking.

Mexican drug cartels control most illegal alien smuggling across our border.

Yes, most illegal aliens were aided in their entry into this country by Mexican drug cartels who control most of the illegal alien smuggling across our border. The secret hidden in plain sight is that these Mexican drug cartels are funded in great measure by about a billion dollars in Muslim heroin. The Muslim heroin comes from Afghanistan (PDF report).

The situation is out of control. Ms. Carol Lam, former U.S. Attorney for California’s Southern Distict, has stated that she could prosecute hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens a year if she had the staff and that drugs are even being used as barter in the purchase of Stinger missiles. She was recently fired for prosecuting Congressman Randy Duke Cunningham (he got eight years). Here’s a 27 minute presentation by Ms. Carol Lam.

There are about 40 Muslim terror networks around the world. Some work at cross purposes to others. Our fight against them has lasted longer than you might imagine. The fight against one such Muslim terror network — the Barbary Pirates — is mentioned in the U.S. Marine Corps hymn with the words: To the shores of Tripoli. Another Muslim terror network — one we have been fighting continuously for more than 100 years starting in 1898 and the Spanish American War — is the Moros (Muslim tribes) of the Philippines.

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