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USBP Overview Part 3

U.S. troops have been fighting Philippine Muslims for over 100 years.

Al-Qaeda is not run by high school dropouts or tell them anything to get re-elected politicians. Further, Al-Qaeda has now become a franchise of tiny hate-mongering cells and many of those cells are linked to the narcotics trade in Afghanistan, Columbia, and Mexico.

Al-Qaeda’s highest priority is to destroy America by using a force multiplier (a method called asymmetric warfare) — in our case by turning our wealth inwards on ourselves as a weapon and turning this country into a police state (two million body searches a day in this country and a passport needed to leave the country are sending us well on the way). The result they want is bankruptcy of our nation.

The KGB carefully used their limited funding to attack us after WWII. In their case they funded as many groups as they could to encourage diversity and destroy the very moral fiber of our nation. With a little time, these things really do take on a life of their own. About the only thing still immoral / illegal in the USA today is marrying your dog. Today, Al-Qaeda puts more money every year (from heroin trafficking) into destroying this country than the KGB did in its entire history.

We spent more than 60 years and five trillion dollars — building more than 70,000 nuclear weapons of 65 different types and a military industrial complex beyond the worst nightmare of President Dwight D. Eisenhower — all to protect ourselves from being invaded by a country with more than 1,000 years of Christian civilization that gave the world fine music, art, the first satellite to orbit the earth, and more.

The illegal alien population within the United States today represents an invading force larger than all of the invading armies on all sides in all of World War Two … Combined.

The true number of illegal aliens now within the United States is far larger than the 20 million stated by our government. The true number can be estimated not by counting heads inside the USA but by counting heads that are missing in Mexico. Several Mexican states have been nearly denuded of their male populations. One of the reasons violence is out of control in Mexico is that the proportion of criminals to non-criminals in Mexico has changed because so many of the male citizens are now here. The true number of illegal aliens within the United States is well over 30 million.

Let’s pretend for a moment that these illegal aliens are not the invading force that they are … but instead refugees from a despotic regime … The far left will be hard pressed to say it isn’t true because these millions are being forced across our border by the violence and criminality and corruption of their native land.

Illegal aliens in the USA represent a larger refugee population that all other refugees on earth today … combined.

If you add Darfur, Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Cuba, (find some more and toss them in too) they in total represent about one fifth the number of refugees that are flowing across our southern border each and every year …

If we take this far left view, then the illegal aliens now inside the USA represent the largest humanitarian crises in 200 years and a full and total embargo should be put on Mexico to force that country to repatriate its nationals and give them … freedom and democracy

The most optimistic view would be that the USBP is able to apprehend one in six illegals crossing our border (yes our government says one in four but again that is spin). With about a million illegals apprehended each year that means about five million invade our country each year. If the government’s number from 2004 (which they continue to use) of 20 million was correct then three years later you can add 10 to 15 million more — making 30 to 35 million the far more realistic illegal alien population within our borders.

Today, our government wants to give amnesty to the over 30 million people who have a really different view of the term America. The illegal aliens now within the borders of the United States murder more Americans each year — and within the borders of the United States — than the Soviet Union did in its entire history.

The massive criminality and violence unleashed on our cities remains unchecked. While local media cover it with outrage and dismay, many of our politicians are eager to make our cities Sanctuary Cities and make the criminals immune from deportation. This would include New York City and the sanctuary status initiated by its then mayor Rudy Giuliani. The federal document New York City’s Sanctuary Policy states: These heinous crimes prompted extensive public discussion of whether New York City police were barred from disclosing immigration information to the INS, a policy that may have prevented the removal of these aliens … Please keep in mind that even 40,000 police are now barely enough to keep the violence from bubbling over big time … in The Big Apple. Yes, New York needs nearly four times as many people with guns protecting it from itself as we have USBP agents defending all of our nation’s borders.

The New York Police Department admits that terror has been unleashed upon America (large PDF file).

America is not alone in blowback from oddly idealistic and toxic illegal immigration policies. The crude bombs going off in England are not being planted to do that much damage — because they can’t. Their purpose is to turn England into a hyper-paranoid police state and bankrupt it. England now has over four million TV cameras on the streetsmonitoring the populace. These cameras monitor a country where guns are illegal and yet diversity is so out of control that four million TV cameras are needed to watch everyone 24 hours a day. Four million cameras are a lot of cameras. In fact it is about one fifth of all closed circuit TV cameras on earth.

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