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USBP Overview Part 5

Al-Qaeda is fighting a proxy war against us.

A proxy war is one where someone else is (knowingly or unknowingly) doing the fighting and dying for you. Our decade long proxy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan is an example. We do have a little problem today in that the Afghanis we armed, funded, and trained in the 1980s are now fighting against us in Afghanistan and in Iraq. But we have a much bigger problem:

Al-Qaeda and Heroin.

As of February, 2001, under Mullah Omar and the Taliban, opium was eliminated from Afghanistan. His enforcement methods left much to be desired by the ACLU. The mullah’s enforcers would just about launch an RPG up your bottom if they saw poppies in your fields.

Today, the opium crop in Afghanistan is larger than ever before in the country’s entire history (50,000 coalition troops not withstanding). In fact, the crop has hit an ever larger historic record size each year we have been in Afghanistan. The opium is converted into heroin, it is sold, and the money is then used to fund their projects.

The Mexican drug cartels control not just the smuggling of drugs but most of Mexico’s illegal immigration into the USA (and vast portions of the Mexican government including much of Mexico’s Regular Army). The Mexican drug cartels have no interest whatsoever in letting Al-Qaeda send bands of wild eyed terrorists across our southern border and us then closing our southern border to their drug smuggling business.

What the cartels do want to do is keep their links to Muslim drug lords and to illegal alien smuggling rings a secret. They are not trying to keep it a secret from the U.S. government or the CIA or the DEA. Our government and its agencies know all about it. The cartels want to keep it secret only from the public. That may seem odd but it is the way it works. The ground zero for media investigations of these terror networks is Mexico. The simplest way to discourage reporters in Mexico from reporting is to kill them.

Today, more reporters are killed in Mexico than anyplace else on earth except Iraq. Mexican news media have even been machine gunned. The cartels have made it clear they will silence any inquisitive U.S. media. The U.S. media now stays north of the border. Confirmation comes from the Voice of America — broadcasting to foreign lands — and the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico himself.

As a footnote, the British flooded China with opium as a Weapon of Mass Destruction — the British Opium Wars — in the 1840s and then again in the 1850s. A third party — Russia — then siezed the moment, took advantage of China’s drug sodden situation, and stole 400,000 square miles of China without firing a shot. That is how Russia spread all the way to Vladivostok on the Pacific Ocean. If you think China has forgotten, don’t.

Nearly all of the methampetamine flooding America is made in Mexico by the drug cartels and the raw materials are shipped in from Red China.

Thousands of Chinese are involved in this drug business. This example is special in that Mr. Ye Gon has admitted the involvement in his methamphtamine enterprise of people at the highest levels of the Mexican government.

Al-Qaeda has found that they do not have to do much of anything to kill Americans except fund the drug cartels with more than a billion dollars in heroin a year.

A billion dollars may seem an impossible number but it is small change in Mexico’s drug profits. Mr. Ye Gon (above) was found to have over $207 million in U.S. currency stashed just in one closet in his house in Mexico. When he was arrested he was living in Maryland not five miles from the U.S. Capitol building.

Muslim heroin is not the weapon, it is the funding source. The yearly opium crop in Afghanistan is worth over three billion dollars. Here is a PDF research document. Not all of that cash goes to the drug cartels, but a billion of it certainly does.

At first, Al-Qaeda tried to convince the drug cartels to allow them to poison the cocaine being sent to America. The drug cartels thought this was a really bad idea (because then much of their market and trafficking infrastructure — which took them years to cultivate — would be quite dead). Al-Qaeda and the cartels realized that instead, increasing the flow of drugs across the border would be a better idea because then there would be more addicts who were a drain on society and the ancillary crime associated with drug trafficking would help bankrupt our cities.

The best weapon for this new venture is methamphetamine. Marijuana is one of Mexico’s largest revenue generators but its effect on American society is tactical … not strategic.

Methamphetamine is a strategic weapon. Illegal aliens are a strategic weapon.

A tactical weapon is one that offers an immediate result and where the effect is usually quite localized. A strategic weapon is one that destroys an enemy’s economy, or cities, or infrastructure, and even its government and does not have to offer immediate results.

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