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USBP Overview Part 6

Heroin Funding Terror


The use of heroin as a funding source for the terror we are experiencing is not limited to the USA. The Mexican and Columbian traffickers are also sending their drugs through Africa and into Europe. The use of Afghani heroin to support such efforts may be helping these traffickers to then send cocaine and amphetamines through African countries like Guinea-Bissau. One might be sanguine in expecting the drugs to also be helping fund the flood of Muslim illegal aliens into Europe from Turkey and the Maghreb as well.

While one might think that drug cartel operations in Turkey and the Maghreb are too far afield for an overview of the USBP, in fact the USBP are nearly everywhere. They are even wandering about along the Kyrgyzstan / Chinese border. If you have never heard of Kyrgyzstan then the CIA can help.

The game of chess was invented in India 500 years before Christ, and then moved across Afghanistan to Iran and finally to all of the Arab world about 1,400 years ago. Checkers is called damas in Spanish because it is a dumbed down version of chess … that women can play.

While we are playing checkers, Al-Qaeda is playing chess.

So now you have a drug fueled fission reactor going. Heroin comes in and stimulates illegal alien smuggling, and cocaine and amphetamine (and marijuana) smuggling. Money comes back from the illegal aliens working inside the USA and from drug sales.

Drugs are a thirty billion dollar a year business for Mexico. Money sent home by illegal aliens working in the USA is probably Mexico’s #1 revenue generator. The top four money sources for Mexico are illegal alien remittances, drugs, oil, and then tourism. Mexico has a serious problem looming with their oil production. Soon the revenue from their largest field will begin to dwindle and the demand for dollars from non oil sources (illegal aliens and drugs) will dramatically increase. This will mean far greater influx of illegal aliens (with a far higher percentage of criminals who follow the money) and drugs. As Mexico turns ever more violent the revenue from tourism will continue to diminsh.

Note that Mexico’s highest value products are nothing they manufacture. Well, that might not be completely accurate in that Mexico manufactures and then sends north — people — and only a certain type of people.

An army is composed of adult males between the ages of 15 and 35. What is Mexico sending across our border? Illegal alien adult males between the ages of 15 and 35.

Simply look around you. Since 9/11 you have to press two for English when you call a business, you see thousands of street billboards in Spanish that were never there before at all. You have crime out of control and hundreds of thousands of illegal alien gang members filling our prisons. Unless you think more than 600 ultra-violent Hispanic gangs (Sureño gangs the largest of the various groups) with 40,000 members operating in just one American city alone is okay, then you need to realize what is happening — it is not by accident.

The foot soldiers in this destruction of our society are now considered absolutely equal to all other cultures in America.

New York city, with over 40,000 city and transit police (five times as many police as Los Angeles) is not safe. They are installing license plate cameras similar to London, England’s.

Chicago has taken it one step further. Thousands of TV cameras now monitor even the most mundane activities of its citizens.

Remember, the United States has over two million people in prison today. About a quarter of them are illegal aliens. What our government does not want you to know is that we also have about 1.2 million felony fugitives on the loose in this country. Yes, there are 1.2 million dangerous people wandering about that the police cannot find. The good news is that many have escaped back to Mexico. If we use California as an example, then about 90% of their Most Wanted fugitives are Hispanic — and wanted for murder — and most have escaped to Mexico (in the link, just enter the race and the crime, the computer pauses and shows you the names and if they have escaped to Mexico). But yes, the bad news is that they come back.

Since the federal government has some other agenda, cities today are on their ownto stop the illegal alien violence. The problem for America’s citizens is that the greatest threat to this nation’s very survival is being ignored. The illegal alien invasion is unstopped, and lethal.

Each and every year, illegal aliens murder more than 25 times as many people in this country as were killed in the Oklahoma City bombing.

Let’s just compare Pancho Villa’s attack on America — and our reaction to that attack — with the total silence about the slaughter of Americans today funded to a great degree by Al-Qaeda and — evidently — protected by America’s politicians.

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