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USBP Overview Part 7

The year was 1916 and the place was the small town of Columbus. Pancho Villa, with 1,000 men on horseback, came out of the desert wastes of Mexico and attacked that small American town and wiped it off the map. Villa and his men used the flames of the burning buildings to better shoot moving human targets. Villa and his men murdered fewer than 20 Americans in that attack.

But America awoke.


Within seven days the United States mobilized the entire U.S. Army, and when that was deemed not enough the president called up the entire National Guard. It was the largest call up of troops in the United States since the American Civil War. Yes, the entire United States Army and 158,000 National Guard troops occupied the U.S. southern border areas to protect Americans from the marauders and those troops sat there on the border 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The carnage of 1916 was insignificant when compared to what is happening inside the USA today.

While thousands of Americans are murdered and tens of thousands are scarred and maimed within our borders each year by illegal aliens welcomed across our border by our politicians our military is struggling to maintain the pace 8,000 miles away. Rather than defending American citizens who are being murdered, scarred, and maimed here, we are now so desperate to find military recruits that essentially 42 year old retarded drug addicted gang felons can be waivered in. We have brought more than 125,000 of these people into our military and trained them how to kill in an urban environment. Most of these people survive Iraq and return home to practice what they were so carefully taught. Gang violence has increased nearly ten fold within our own military thanks to these policies (video).

Not only are these gang members being fully practiced in Iraq to kill civilians, but now they are also recruiting their own troopshere inside America (video).

If that’s not bad enough, United States military recruiters even troll the streets of Tijuana, Mexico looking for recruits.


The murder rate in Mexico is three times that in the United States (about 15,000 people are murdered in the USA each year and about 15,000 are murdered in Mexico each year but Mexico has one third the U.S. population).

Al-Qaeda is having some significant effect in their proxy war against us.

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