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USBP Today Part 3

For thirty years and until the late 1980’s even Soviet forces made hundreds of practice invasions over our border and may well still have caches of weapons and explosives scattered across our southwest (they had them in most countries of Europe and many of these caches have been discovered and blown up). The DRG’s reports on our southern border were glowing — they saw absolutely no problem in entering the U.S. through Mexico.

U.S. House of Representatives

Click on the image above to get a recent Congressional report on the potential of border terror.

Nearly 30 years ago the Russians tried to stop the Afghans from creating a religious state on their southern border. This Greater Baluchistan would have caused the USSR’s southern republics to break off and become a religious super-state based on Sharia law. With a thousand years of experience with the people to their south, Russia was very worried.

We all watched the Taliban take over Afghanistan — the kind of thing the Russians feared and predicted. Other groups funded by Afghan drug money started bombing Christians in hospitals and buses in southern small towns of Russia, and whole apartment buildings in Moscow. The Russians keep their illegal alien violence to about 10% of what we have here. They do it by acknowledging the reality that it is an invasion and a war.

It is good to put a face on these events. In this video we have opening day at school in a small Christian town in Russia — Beslan. America’s school systems may be collapsing but here we can see well-scrubbed children actually eager to start the new school year and even bringing flowers to their teachers. It’s a long video and you can click stop after a few minutes. But we haven’t seen that affection for school in the USA since maybe 1965.

In this next video we have illegal aliens invading that very same school just hours later and slaughtering more than 300 people. This Beslan school tragedy did very little to support people wanting Open Borders in Russia. But 300 dead in Beslan is less than America suffers at the hands of our illegal aliens each month and our death toll continues to climb month, after month, after month.

We lose more civilians to illegal alien violence inside the borders of the United States each and every year than we have lost soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq after five years of war.

We have a Beslan Tragedy of American civilian deaths at the hands of illegal aliens each month and DHS does nothing to help the Border Patrol make our borders secure.

It gets worse. Muslim drug lords of Afghanistan are now teamed with the drug cartels of Mexico. These Mexican drug cartels have nearly 10,000 former Mexican Special Forces, Army soldiers, Federal Police and even Soldiers of Fortune — all now in a private army called Zetas — enforcing their will even inside the United States of America.

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