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USBP Today Part 4

The largest and highest value exports of Afghanistan remain — opium and heroin.

The highest value exports of Mexico are cocaine, and heroin.

Mexico’s heroin comes from Afghanistan and the heroin is provided to the Mexican drug cartels by the growing forces of the Taliban and the ever growing Al-Qaeda. Yes, the massive drug cartels of Mexico have now teamed with Al-Qaeda.

But it gets worse.

The Mexican drug cartels have also branched out into smuggling more than just drugs into the USA. They — the drug cartels and Al-Qaeda remnants — are now the single largest smuggler of illegal aliens into the U.S.

This makes perfect sense. The cartels already have the smugglers, and the routes, and the vehicles. Also, the profit is immense. With cocaine smuggling you actually have to grow the product and process it, and then find a sales channel to sell it. With illegal aliens, they grow themselves, you just ship them across the border and they are self motivated to disappear into the blue clouds of car exhaust found in most major American cities.

The Mexican drug cartels are quite patriotic. They love their country. Their country is Mexico.

The problem for the USBP is getting worse, fast. The risks for their agents are mounting. Not only are their vehicles being machine gunned by AK-47 fire, and even fire bombed with Molotov cocktails, but Border Patrol agents and even U.S. National Guard troops are being overrun in the dark of night by Mexican troops guarding drug loads. Click on the drug mule image below.

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