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USBP Today Part 6

It is also true that in Tijuana there are, on average, ten mysterious events each year where policemen have somehow ended their lives. This tragic situation includes the unfortunate end of Federico Benitez Lopez, the Tijuana Chief of Police. It is only a rumor but some speculate that the 54 bullet holes in his body were simply an accidental discharge of his personal revolver when his car was callously bumped at a stop light.

It is unfortunate but Sr. Federico Benitez Lopez is not the only Tijuana Police Chief to recently, and quite spontaneously depart to immortality. Three other police chiefs have recently been murdered in Tijuana: Arturo Ochoa Palacios, Isaac Sanchez Perez, and Alfredo de la Torre Márquez.

Then too, the former commander of the federal police force in Tijuana, is under investigation in the murder of State Prosecutor Hodin Armando Gutierrez Rico who was accidentally shot 150 times while standing in front of his house, and then tragically, and certainly accidentally, run over by a large truck.

Yes, and the former commander of the federal police, Rodolfo Garcia Gaxiola, is now under a cloud of suspicion for possibly having whacked Sr. Gutierrez because he was planning to arrest Sr. Gaxiola in connection with the murder of the Tijuana police chief, Jose Federico Benitez Lopez. It seems that the now very dead police chief had turned down a $100,000 bribe from the drug traffickers sometime just before he expired.

Even the local cops on the beat can disappear only to be found in the trunks of cars with American dollar bills sprinkled on their corpses like rose petals as a special message to all those in the know.

The Cartel has also had issues with the editors of the local Tijuana newspapers. We all must agree that a tendentious Letter To The Editor has little weight when compared to launching a fusillade of 300 machine gun bullets through the newspaper’s front door.

The Tijuana weekly paper Zeta was brought to task for its editorial stand when the paper’s editor was wounded and his bodyguard ascended to immortality during an early morning discussion. A squad of young adults surrounded their car and perforated it in a vast number of places. The youths were so enthusiastic in their interplay that they accidentally whacked one of their own in this flurry of bee-like whizzing of bullets and clouds of burned cordite.

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