Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

USBP Today Part 8

The violence along the border and within Mexico is reaching levels not seen since their revolution of nearly 100 years ago.

Our Department of Homeland Security, as directed by the White House, has decided that examining the shoes and socks of the elderly at airports is more important than stopping real, practiced, dangerous known trespassers of our lands.

The deaths at the hands of illegal aliens in this country each month exceeds the deaths from one 747 plane crash each month and yet nothing is done.

The National Guard has been swarmed by well armed Mexican drug convoy guards — possibly even Mexican Army Regulars.

To allow the drugs to flow and the border violence to continue unabated, USBP agents have been issued S.A.L.U.T.E. cards. These cards are to be with them at all times and instruct the agent how to act not if but when Mexican Army drug convoy guards cross the border near them.

They are ordered to run away and hide:

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