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USBP Weapons Part 2

Many people have been subconsciously indoctrinated by television propaganda that guns can actually do something and so it is quite difficult to get them to accept reality.

Let’s compare a pistol to a rock.

Under stress, the average male can throw a rock at about 120 feet per second — or a little over 80 miles an hour. Men seem to instinctively pick up rocks for throwing that weigh a little over a pound. There are about 225 foot pounds of energy in such a rock thrown at that speed. A 9mm pistol bullet weighs about 1/60th of a pound. A pistol throws its tiny rock eight to ten times as fast as a human can throw a big rock or at about 1,000 feet per second. How much energy is there in that pistol shot? About 250 foot pounds — which is almost the same energy as there was in that big rock that the average guy can throw. But it gets better.

The energy from either rock has to be transferred to the target. A one pound rock usually does not bounce off the victim. Its energy is absorbed by the victim and the rock drops at the victim’s feet. A 9mm bullet may or may not go through the victim. If it does go through then all the energy that was still in the bullet after it passed through the victim is lost.

In the real world, one pound rocks and 9mm bullets are equally lethal.

Thrown rocks are dangerous. Would you like to see how dangerous?

First, here is a murder. Yes, this illegal alien will suddenly be dead. Please note that in the following video clip the illegal alien’s head hits a large rock on the ground and then his undocumented migrant friend beats that head in the rest of the way with another rock. Note too, how fast this murder occurs. Would you have had time to protect yourself? What would you have done in this situation? What would you have done if these two had crept up on your car at night while you were guarding the border? Do not watch this video clip if it will bother you. This is very, very real.

A border murder. This is real.
Do not watch this video clip if it will bother you.

Killing Border Patrol Agents

Here is a one pound rock that was used to maim a USBP. When thrown by the average male, it strikes with about as much energy as a pistol bullet. Note the Agent’s blood is still on the weapon.

The following images step through an attack on Border Patrol agents during their apprehension of a criminal and the subsequent attack by the perpetrator’s co-conspirator. The actions shown — assault on a federal agent — is a felony.

rock attack

The perpetrator threatens the agents — hoping to have them release the individual on the ground.

rock attack

Verbal threats are made and the weapon is brandished.

rock attack

The criminal starts to throw the rock and the agents hold their ground with utmost regard for the perpetrator’s civil rights.

rock attack

When every possible effort has been made to dissuade the individual from attacking the agents, the situation is elevated and a weapon is drawn to protect the agents.

Note also that the size of the rock is about the size of the blood soaked one pictured above in full color — and would weigh a bit more than about one pound.

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