Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

USBP Weapons Part 3

Please remember that a rock makes no noise or bright flash when thrown, and thus the Agent may not know the source or direction of the attack. A rock can be far more lethal than a pistol and can even be considered a Stealth Weapon.

Shooting Down Helicopters

This USBP helicopter was brought down by a rock. The Border Patrol Agent pilot was trying to save an illegal alien drowning in the Tijuana river and this is what he got for his effort.

What the USBP Agents need are rifles.

Each Agent should be allowed to carry one at his discretion.

At present, while it is technically possible for an Agent to carry a rifle, his life and safety are far less important to some higher-ups in Washington, D.C. than good public relations with certain voters (legal and illegal — hey … they all vote …) and so Border Patrol Agents are put in harm’s way.

Here is an image of how a Border Patrol Agent should be armed. That is an M16 rifle with 30 round magazine at the center of the image.

U.S. Border Patrol Weapons

There is only one book / training manual at this moment that really discusses how bad the U.S. / Mexican border really is. That book is Lines and Shadows, by Joseph Wambaugh. You can buy the book directly from Amazon.com by clicking on the image below:

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