Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

USBP Weapons Part 5

In an encounter with a suspect, the agent modifies his actions along a force continuum.

The Use of Force Continuum

Officer Presence … then

Verbal Commands … then

Physical Control … then

CS Gas … then

And Only Then …

Deadly Force

The average civilian may think that just because the Agent is operating under the color of law that the transgressor will submit to the Agent’s will. In reality, few Agents look like a matador in their uniform and during a stressful situation most start to think of themselves as actually more short and round than tall.

Before the Agent can take action he must decide that based upon his or her experience, an arrest-able offense has been committed. It is important to understand that as soon as you lay hands on someone you must really know where you are going from there.

Most bad guys do a lot of posturing, and this is good because posturing is not action.

I’m gonna dot your eye and I’ll explain why as I am doing it may sound really good to his buddies but the bad guy’s actions, proximity, and possible weapons all enter into the equation of the Agent’s level of response.

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