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Thus, one is presented with the problem of What would a reasonable and prudent man do in this situation?

You cannot miss fast enough to save yourself or others.

Accuracy is final.

Another problem is that most people are in denial. Many say afterward I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Conditioning is key. If you depend upon some third party for your survival, good luck.

You must have a plan.

Zero plan = zero life.

If you have no plan, then you are going to soon be less than lavatory ice falling off the bottom of a 747.

As for the physical and mental effect of being assaulted:

Snakes are bad.

Dogs are bad.

Humans are … worse.

It seems that all of human kind have a universal phobia of being attacked by one of our own species. This can make it even more difficult to react, or to allow us to create a spontaneous plan of action. But some plan — even if formulated in a few seconds — is far better than no plan at all.

People who have met this problem, and lived, say that the hardest people to stop are those who embrace life — there is no one who can kill me — or embrace death — I’m gonna kill everyone before I die. These people are so cold that they can scare cold chicken meat right off the bone.

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